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Intentional Accompaniment Book Endorsements

Evangelization scares most Catholics, if they do it at all. Michael Hall cuts through the confusion to help Catholic disciples find confidence in sharing the Gospel in a natural and unassuming manner. The heart of this book is a love for Jesus and people who need to know him personally. If you love Jesus and want to share him with others more effectively, then read this book!

Marcel LeJeune President and Founder, Catholic Missionary Disciples

What CCO, and this book in particular, finally provided to me were clear language and a framework in which to understand the art of accompaniment. I can’t begin to describe how much impact this has had on me personally and our ministry as an Archdiocese. I expect many people will experience the freedom and encouragement I found from the clear and compelling vision of accompaniment spelled out in this book.

Andrew McGown, Associate Director of Evangelization, Archdiocese of Denver

The Church is calling for a new generation of men and women who can change the culture through courage and faithfulness. Intentional Accompaniment is a great way to see how you can be a part of the bigger plan and how to practically share your faith with others.

Kevin Cotter, Executive Director, The Amazing Parish

Intentional Accompaniment has been one of the most well-received concepts offered in the Proclaim movement. We have seen firsthand the impact of approaching missionary activity through the lens of Intentional Accompaniment. This book offers the principles that can be applied to many methods of evangelization and can be a guidebook for fruitful multiplication.

Eric Chow, Director of the Proclaim Movement, Archdiocese of Vancouver

I hope this book will become a great gift for all missionary disciples. Michael Hall is a wonderful teacher, and the pages of this book are filled with helpful and practical wisdom. CCO has been living intentional accompaniment for over 30 years and the movement has much to teach the universal Church in this area.

Brett Powell, Archbishop’s Delegate for Development and Ministries, Archdiocese of Vancouver