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Catholic Missionary Identity

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"A radical conversion in thinking is required" (St. John Paul II)

What is the key to an active and engaged Church, brimming with Catholics committed to their faith? In this short work, André Regnier, founder of Catholic Christian Outreach, suggests that a rediscovery of Catholic missionary identity is essential in order for the Church to experience renewal. The unfortunate exodus from the Church is due in part, he argues, to an identity crisis: many practicing Catholics do not understand what it means to live their faith, and therefore fail to engage the uncommitted or attract new members into the Church. Catholics are not called simply to attend Mass, but rather to actively engage in evangelization – to reach out to others with the good news of the gospel. By changing our thinking about what it means to be Catholic, and embracing our missionary identity, we will experience true renewal in our parish communities, in the Church, and in society as a whole.