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VINE Program

VINE is a commitment to offer your gifts and talents to CCO for nine months in a specific field of service. VINE can be seen as a short-term commitment where you will be trained in evangelization so that after your time of service you can go wherever God is calling you next, fully equipped to live out your baptismal call to mission. Alternately, if you feel that God may be calling you to a longer commitment to CCO but you need more time to discern and acquaint yourself with the Movement, VINE can be an opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of a full-time missionary without the commitment to the internship. Participants in the VINE program will begin their service with a one-week training program in August designed to immerse them in the philosophy and methodology of CCO’s campus evangelization. This week will be designed to equip them not only for their time of service with CCO, but also for a lifetime of service to the Church.  

1. National Headquarters VINE

With the increasing conviction among young adults in our world to make a difference through a year of service, CCO has embarked on a new journey redefining the field of business. At the National Headquarters in Ottawa, students have an opportunity to use their education combined with their passion for Christ to gain valuable work experience. As a non-profit organization we have a variety of positions: marketing, finance, project management and public relations. Some of these roles and responsibilities include: Facilitating national communication initiatives Creating and coordinating national prayer partner correspondence Assisting with the management of donations and ministry partners Managing incoming revenue using accounting software Tracking expenses for our national organization Interacting and networking with a nation-wide staff team Assist in the planning, organization and execution of various events, retreats and conferences Be immersed in the life of a CCO missionary as a co-labourer in the office staff team. Receive mentorship from a senior office staff member Participants in the HQ VINE program will be expected to begin work with a one week training course mid-August and will finish their term at the end of May.  

2. Campus VINE

Are you a student leader who would love to be able to do CCO full-time and not worry about school and classes? Perhaps you are looking to take a break from school or work and “give a year to the Lord”? Are you looking to be formed as a leader in the New Evangelization? Why not take nine months to do the VINE program on one of our CCO campuses? CCO’s Campus VINE program is designed to provide short-term help in our work of campus evangelization, while forming leaders who will be able to contribute to the life of the Church. The primary roles of a participant in the CCO Campus VINE program include: Learning and implementing CCO’s philosophy and methodology of campus evangelization Organizing and executing outreach tables and other outreach strategies Meeting with new contacts (including sharing the Ultimate Relationship booklet) Welcoming and investing in new people Leading Discovery Faith Studies Assist in the planning, organization and execution of various campus events, retreats and conferences. Be immersed in the life of a CCO missionary as a co-labourer on the campus staff team. Receive mentorship from a senior campus staff member. Participants in the Campus VINE program add great vitality and excitement to the local CCO movements through their contagious zeal, energy, witness and service. Participants in the Campus VINE Program can expect their term to start in mid-August and end in the middle of April. Exact dates will be established in consultation with the local supervisor.  

Information about fundraising for Campus and HQ VINE

The team that a VINE program participant is assigned to (HQ or particular campus) will assist and mentor the VINE program participant in their Support Team and Partnership Development, orientation to the staff team, and in finding affordable housing. Estimated fundraising cost for the VINE program is $15,000-$17,000. Actual fundraising targets may be different and will be established on an individual basis according to various factors (cost of living in their assigned city, any debts or loan payments, housing options). Please contact the Human Resource Department to discuss your individual situation. Support Team and Partnership Development training materials will be sent out shortly after acceptance. STPD can begin immediately and is done in the spring and summer. All fundraising must be in place before start date. For any questions regarding CCO's VINE program, please contact: or call 613-736-1999. You may also fill out a Preliminary Application to begin the discernment process