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Short-Term/Co-op Opportunities

Do you want to gain valuable work experience engaged in a cutting edge not-for-profit environment? Do you desire to serve through you skills and gifts? CCO might have the opportunity you are looking for! You may know CCO more for faith studies and mission trips, but behind every campus missionary is a team of dedicated young professionals at our National Headquarters in Ottawa, ON. Working in areas ranging from Accounting and Finance to Human Resources to Communications and more, the work at our National Headquarters is an essential compliment to our on-campus work.

Are you a Co-op student interested in leaving a spiritual legacy through your co-op placement?

Working in a placement at CCO HQ will give you an opportunity to put in to practice the skills you are acquiring through your education and will give you the unique opportunity to grow in your faith and your missionary identity in the process.

Not a Co-op student, but looking for a summer job that will have an eternal impact?

Look no further! CCO also provides opportunities for those who would like to serve the Church through the mission of CCO in our Headquarters. Any of the positions listed below can be done outside of a formal Co-op program as a regular short-term job. Positions Currently Available Department of Finance - Junior Accountant Department of Finance - Accounts Payable Clerk Department of Finance - Accounts Receivable Clerk Department of Finance - Donor Management Clerk

Please note, application deadlines are as follows:

January start date - September 30th application deadline May start date - January 31st application deadline September start date - May 31st application deadline Do you have an idea for a potential short-term project that suits your skills that isn't listed as currently available? Email us at and we can discuss what options might be available.