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HQ Internship

At National Headquarters you can live out a call to mission using your education, skills, and gifts to support campus ministry and to lead the movement at a national and international level through the departments of Finance, Human Resources, Missions and Conferences, Stewardship and Development, Information Technology, Communications and the Office of the President. As an HQ missionary you have a unique opportunity to labour for the salvation of souls through administrative roles, intercession and discipleship opportunities. The HQ Internship Program is designed to train, equip and ensure that new HQ Staff are ready to embark on this cutting-edge career. It is also designed to be a final discernment process before joining full-time staff with CCO. Once an individual has been accepted to the internship program they would begin for an eight month term beginning in mid-August. At the end of their internship, successful HQ Interns are invited to serve for a minimum of two years with CCO.

Internship Objectives

To participate in CCO 101 in August To understand the beginnings of CCO and our charism To understand CCO's philosophy and methodology of campus evangelization and leadership development and how it is lived out in the HQ environment To be actively involved in CCO, at a pace that is tailored to your experience and competency in CCO’s philosophy and methodology of evangelization and leadership development. To demonstrate a strong, consistent prayer life (meditative and intercessory). To complete all required reading and assignments on time. To effectively manage your time and demonstrate personal organization skills through the use of a time management tool. To be actively involved in a parish and your diocese. To learn Support Team Partnership and Development philosophy and strategies. The program also includes assignments and practical reading, including: The Master Plan of Evangelism , Dedication and Leadership, Handbook of Catholic Apologetics , Redemptoris Missio, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and I Believe in Love.

Internship Salary

For your internship year, CCO gives a stipend that can cover approximately half of a modest salary. CCO's internship portion is $800/month. All interns will be required to raise at least another $950/month before August 1st to supplement the half of their salary paid through the stipend. The exact details of each individual intern’s support raising situation will be worked out in consultation with the Human Resource Department. For more information on Support Team and Partnership Development (STPD), see FAQ About Support Raising. For any questions regarding the CCO HQ Internship or other opportunities at CCO National Headquarters, please contact: or call 613-736-1999. You may also fill out a Preliminary Application to begin the discernment process.