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CCO Ryerson Discernment of Spirits Retreat

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God is speaking to us but sometimes it can be hard to hear his voice or maybe you have never heard him speak to you at all.  How can we really know what God’s will is in our lives? How can we really listen to His call for each of us when there are so many different options that appear good? If your heart desires to follow God’s will but recognizing it is your greatest barrier then come to this one day retreat to begin to learn the process of recognizing God’s voice in your life.
This retreat day will be lead by CCO Missionary Michael Hal. Michael leads Discernment of Spirits retreats all across Canada. Michael will be breaking down one of the most influential spiritual leaders of all time, St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, in his teachings of Discernment of Spirits.
What: Ryerson Catholic: Discerning the Will of God Retreat 
Where: Ryerson Catholic Student Center, 200 Church ST, M5B 1Z2
When: 9:00am - 5pm // Saturday, February 23rd 2019
Speaker: Michael Hall