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“Sloppy Joes! Sloppy Joes!” was being chanted loudly by the kids as I brought out the white Ikea plate on which was enthroned a simple piece of bread, topped with the chunky, meaty sauce from last night’s spaghetti. I recently heard the Bible verse, “Man does not live by bread alone” (Deut. 8:3; Matt 4:4, RSV). It makes me think of Sloppy Joes. You take a miserable, little piece of crusty bread and add to it some divinely flavored meat sauce and... voila! Sloppy Joes! The bread is not alone anymore. On May 1st, the feast of St. Joseph the...

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“Don’t ever let me catch you complimenting my children or my wife; I will be horribly offended”. Could you ever imagine someone saying something like that? My family is my pride and joy; my children never cease to amaze me with their personalities, and their growth in skills and talents; and I am so blessed to have a wife like Colleen. Now, people pay compliments to my kids all the time, for everything from piano playing to their learning achievements - you name it. I have never once been overwhelmed with jealousy, but I’ve nearly burst some vest-buttons from pride...

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Hi I’m Dustin Greenwald. I grew up on a farm near Wilkie, SK in a family of 5 kids. I’m the second youngest. I went to school at the University of Saskatchewan and graduated with a Bachelor of Education in 2008. I started working for CCO the following fall and since then I have worked in our finance department in our national headquarters, the Ottawa U campus, and the University of Calgary. I came to understand the significance of my Catholic faith in 2007. I wanted peace and joy, and was tired of a life of disappointments. I was tired...

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Lots of people barf in the dark, late at night, in their beds. Do you know how inconvenient it would be if you couldn't flick on a light to deal with it? I can’t imagine, in the midst of the crisis, having to break out a candle or light up a lamp. Modern technology really has its advantages, but it can also cheat us too. I’ve been immersed in a highly technological world for my entire life - somewhat sheltered from the past, you might say, and it affects everything. This point struck me in one of my classes on...

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By Jeff Graham “Thank you Lord for life!" This is a common opening for prayers from Catholic Ugandan students, according to CCO staffer Ben Turland. Turland was part of a CCO delegation that headed to Uganda to help with continuing efforts to train students in evangelization and leadership development. CCO has been visiting the African country since 2010. CCO founder Andre Regnier has visited at least six times personally. According to Turland, the trips have born tremendous fruit. "We have a presence at seven out of 21 campuses in Uganda," he glowed, further explaining that the future leaders of the...

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