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Our deepest identity as Catholics is missionary (for more on that, pick up this great book). That being said, as we bring the clear and simple message of the Gospel to others, we want to be communicating the fullness of truth, and not our own variation of it. “He must increase, but I must decrease,” John the Baptist remarked (John 3:30), and we would be well to adopt that attitude - but that’s easier said than done sometimes. Throughout history some crazy ideas have been hatched and presented, and only by the grace of God, working through the Church, have...

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“The Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon.” Oh brother, he didn’t just go there, I thought. I had heard a Catholic apologist tell a similar story about a radio preacher making the same claim. And now, a Baptist pastor was saying the same thing to me. “I don’t want to believe that,” he continued, assuring me, “but I have no reason to believe otherwise.” Fortunately, after hearing a reasonable response, he changed his mind - unfortunately, reasonable responses don’t always satisfy people. People are used to being their own pope, deciding who is an adequate teacher/author and who isn’t....

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“Everyone knows mules have a terrific sense of humour,” Brian Regan said as he related what a nature show taught him to his audience during his stand-up comedy special, The Epitome of Hyperbole (28:09). “I felt stupid. I called a friend up, like at random (y'know): 'Hey Joey, this is going to sound like a weird question but, do you know anything about mules?'... Joey responds: 'Well, I just know they have a terrific sense of humour...” Some of the comedians that I appreciate the most involve everyday, ordinary events of life in their comedy routines (y'know like bits about mules...). They...

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Edward (a vampire from Twilight, 2008) replied, “My family, we're different from others of our kind. We only drink animal blood”. Immortality has been in the spotlight quite a bit in Hollywood in the past decade as we’ve seen a myriad of vampire and zombie flicks cross the silverscreen. Shaun (Shaun of the Dead, 2004) is willing to sacrifice old records like the ‘Dire Straits’ to defeat the undead - and wields a cricket bat in his battle, while Edward Cullen, who doesn’t drink human blood, becomes the hero in a type-transcending portrayal of vampires. They’re definitely different takes on...

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A team of 8 CCO missionaries from across Canada, including myself and also two supporters from Ottawa took the first half of June to stay in India for 10 days.  We met the leadership and trained students of a movement called “Jesus Youth”.  Jesus Youth is an international Catholic youth movement with a charismatic spirituality. It had its beginnings in Kerala in 1985 but is now active in nearly 25 different countries around the world. (Kerala is a province in southern India composed of approximately 20% Catholics, the highest concentration of Catholics in the country) Jesus Youth is an initiative...

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