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Today I led the Discovery study with over forty students who are preparing  to become teachers in the Catholic school system.  As has been the case over the last ten years, a large majority are not practicing their faith.  Some of them actually, when asked the question, “What are you hoping to get out of this study?”, responded with, “I'm hoping I'll be given a reason to reconsider – a reason why I should come back to the Church.”   So it’s a great joy for me to lead this study with people who are far away.   But every time I lead it I learn something...

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*Please note, this is a general guideline. Times are subject to change, please check with the Interfaith Centre if you want more to be sure Mass is happening on a specific date. Fr. Fernando Mignone, SFU Catholic Chaplain, celebrates Holy Mass with SFU students, staff, and faculty in the Interfaith Centre located at AQ 3200. Click here for more details about the Interfaith Centre. Mass times are generally as follows (*see note above): Tuesday & Thursdays - 12:30pm Wednesdays - 11:30am   If you are interested in helping serve, set-up, or read please click here to contact CCO Staff for...

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or if you can't see the form CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR A FAITH STUDY

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“Hello, it's Pope Francis”, was what one 19 year-old Italian student heard from the other end of the phone a few weeks ago – it wasn't a prank, it was really the pope. Stefano Cabizza had written Pope Francis a note about his life, hopes and dreams and much to his surprise, the pope called him on it, literally. I love surprises, and I believe part of the attraction is tactical advantage. It can gain one both courage and confidence, but can else enhance both pleasure and pain. Aristotle once said, “the secret to humour is surprise”. That gels well...

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I’ve been the one inviting and coaxing Carleton students to submit blog entries this summer. So, as the summer comes to an end, I figured it was only fair that I should submit one myself. I’ve so enjoyed opening up my inbox each week to find a beautiful and honest story of someone’s spiritual life, in the form of a blog entry. There seems to be a crisis of shallowness in the world today. When I think of my many daily interactions with friends, family and acquaintances, most of them are comprised of the mundane details of life. We talk...

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