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by - Nick Meisl Nick Meisl is a seminarian in the Archdiocese of Vancouver and has delcared his candidacy for the Priesthood, accepted by Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB. When I was younger, I sometimes felt a desire to become a priest, but I gradually ignored this as I focused more on my studies and making friends. By the time I entered university, I had slowly grown away from the practice of my faith. My prayer life was almost non-existent. It was a painful and difficult period for me. Around this time, I was invited to join a CCO Discovery...

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by Julia Bolzon Last semester at McMaster University, there were 11 Discovery Faith Studies led by students on campus, and 40 students took a study for the first time! McMaster does not have a chapter of CCO present on campus nor any missionary staff working with our students. Where did we find the students to lead and take the studies? It all started in my first year at McMaster in September 2009. I had been paired up with a second-year student named Teanna through my faculty’s mentorship program. I immediately noticed two things about this girl that struck me as...

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