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This summer has been a time full of trials and surprises. Since my re-commitment to getting to know Jesus at the end of the winter semester, I have really tried to spend more time with Him in prayer. Through my failures He has shown me that real strength comes from Him, not from my own stubborn will. He has also shown me that I need to commit my life to Mary as well because she is my Mother and the guardian of my purity. But the most significant lesson I learned this summer is that discernment for my vocation is...

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“Five…four…three...two…one…HAPPY NEW YEAR”, screamed 400 wild Catholic students. It was New Years Eve at Rise Up Halifax, and I was in the midst of its heightened thrill, buzz, and excitement. In that moment, I felt more alive and closer to God than I had ever felt before. When the clock struck midnight, I remember thinking to myself “Okay, Jessie. You’ve given God your ‘yes’. It’s time to fully submit to God this year.” Unfortunately, I did not follow through with the promises I had made on New Years Eve. For the first couple weeks of January, everything was going smoothly....

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"Pilgrims - not Tourists" This was the message of a talk given to our group of 29 university-age students by Fr. Allan MacDonald before setting off for World Youth Day in Brazil. For three weeks, we weren't going to be in control of things: we wouldn't be able to pick exactly what we’d want to eat; we might not be sleeping in beds; we might have to walk a couple of kilometers with all of our luggage on our backs. We were warned it would be hard, but that that was part of being on a pilgrimage. I hadn't fully...

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And one by one that closet of mine full of fashionable clothes, shoes and jewelry began to shrink. So let me guess what you are thinking, by reading the simple phrase you have concluded that I will be speaking about getting rid of my material possessions for the Glory of God. Well you are half way there but there is more to this story then it seems. This summer God has put incredible challenges on my path to spiritual growth and I can finally say that I have reached a new level of spirituality because of the challenges. When the...

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When going over in my mind how God has affected my life during this summer I struggled a bit with what I should write on. Not much has really happened this summer, but I knew football was off the table because by the time this article is posted we would only have had one practice. On the other hand God has called upon a relative of mine to enter into Heaven with him, and I felt a bit fearful writing on this subject as it could easily be a dark subject matter. After much deliberation on how I could curtail...

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