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“Don’t ever let me catch you complimenting my children or my wife; I will be horribly offended”. Could you ever imagine someone saying something like that? My family is my pride and joy; my children never cease to amaze me with their personalities, and their growth in skills and talents; and I am so blessed to have a wife like Colleen. Now, people pay compliments to my kids all the time, for everything from piano playing to their learning achievements - you name it. I have never once been overwhelmed with jealousy, but I’ve nearly burst some vest-buttons from pride...

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This summer has been absolutely incredible for my relationship with God. In my community, I have been given the opportunity to take on more of a leadership role, which has led me to develop a different aspect of my faith. What I have realized in my new role is that while leading, you not only experience God working through you - which is an amazing feeling in itself - but you also witness God working through others. Witnessing this has not only reminded me of my adoration for these people, but it has also reminded me of how easy it...

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"By the Beard of Zeus!" I cranked on the motor with my pipe wrench... Nothing. I could almost visualize the $1000 going down the toilet if I couldn’t get this compressor working again. The fine print was so small, and yet, it was about to cost me big time. Whereas most of the compressors I installed in my pipe-fitting days were oil-less, this one happened to require oil; it was now seized. I cranked on it one last time… sputter… sputter… and the whurl of the motor kicked in. I finally exhaled. In truth, I was muttering a lot under...

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I was so exhausted after coming home from work tonight that I barely had enough energy to take off my shoes, collapse on my bed and turn on a 90's radio station. The first song I heard was "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi. The more I listened, the more I realized the song was more than a victory cheer for soon being able to pay off half the tuition fees I still owe. ("Whoa, we're halfway there...") The idea of "living on prayer" sums up how I have chosen to live this summer. I needed a way to...

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Being called to be missionary also comes with a great call to abandonment tothe Lord; abandonment to His will, to His call, to wherever He wants me to go. I will go anywhere you want me to go, do anything you want me to do, say anything you want me to say… from our Apostle’s prayer. When Timothy & I were asked to move back to Ottawa it was a real surprise to us but God has given us a great amount of grace to follow His plan and see that He really does have the best in mind. It is obviously...

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