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Core Team 2013/2014 The Core Team is a group of students that become an executive body for the movement here in Saskatoon. They are responsible to meet weekly to organize and execute the many operations (surveys, events, etc.) that CCO offers on campus. These people are the key leaders that shape what CCO is at the U of S. Here they are! CCO Saskatoon Core Team 2013-14 Family Photo Elliot Baldwin I grew up in North Battleford for my entire childhood and have spent my first year of adulthood here in Saskatoon. I have completed my first year of my four-year...

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“We are unprofitable servants.  We have done what we were obliged to do” (Luke 17:10).  We all know what great joy it is to live in a personal relationship with Jesus and we share our faith and lead faith studies, not because we are particularly good at it or want recognition, but because, as servants, we want everyone to experience the joy of knowing Jesus. On that note, I’d like to offer a few words of encouragement for those who will be leaving the familiar setting of campus evangelization and heading off to new and wonderful opportunities… As I mentioned,...

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Li Xiaolong Mechanical Engineering Masters Student "The highlight of my semester and really of my whole life is my Baptism. God has adopted me with his love. Jesus saved me with his priceless blood and washed away all my sins through Baptism. I am so blessed to have my first Communion and Confirmation in the same day. Through the Sacraments I've received love and grace from Jesus Christ. I experienced rebirth just like Jesus rose again from death. Now I enjoy the beautiful life God has given me and the honour of being a Catholic living in Christ." Maria Krol...

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Being called to be missionary also comes with a great call to abandonment tothe Lord; abandonment to His will, to His call, to wherever He wants me to go. I will go anywhere you want me to go, do anything you want me to do, say anything you want me to say… from our Apostle’s prayer. When Timothy & I were asked to move back to Ottawa it was a real surprise to us but God has given us a great amount of grace to follow His plan and see that He really does have the best in mind. It is obviously...

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What just happened in the first 18 hours in Rome? I have never been one for small talk and conversations in Rome have been no different.  Things matter here. There are people of great influence: movers and shakers, leaders in the Church.  My first conversation moments after my arrival was with Henry Cappello, one of those movers and shakers. We did not talk about the weather, which by the way is sunny and warm. We talked about what is going on at the synod, what the Lord saying what we see coming out of the synod. Lots of meaty stuff....

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