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Focusing Merely On "What" We Do is a Recipe For Shallowness

I’ve been the one inviting and coaxing Carleton students to submit blog entries this summer. So, as the summer comes to an end, I figured it was only fair that I should submit one myself. I’ve so enjoyed opening up my inbox each week to find a beautiful and honest story of someone’s spiritual life, in the form of a blog entry. There seems to be a crisis of shallowness in the world today. When I think of my many daily interactions with friends, family and acquaintances, most of them are comprised of the mundane details of life. We talk a lot about the “what.” We talk about what this person said, what we did, what the weather is like. It’s rare to have conversations that go deeper. But I think it’s something we all crave. The people writing the blog posts were not strangers to me. I’ve talked to them about exams and Starbucks and Ravens games. But through the blog, I’ve gotten to see something different. I’ve gotten to see their hearts. And you know what? Their hearts are beautiful! I am captivated by the real people I find when they finally let others see them. The struggles and desires they reveal show hearts beating for and with Jesus. I can see Him forming them and loving them. When we let go of fear and are vulnerable, we glorify God. It has challenged me to be more honest with those around me. I am encouraged to really let others see my struggles, hopes and dreams. Because only through this vulnerability can real relationships be formed. At some point we are going to realize that the “what” of our lives didn’t really matter, it was the “who” that made all the difference. So let us continue to reach out to one another with courage and share our hearts. We don’t need a blog to do that. We can do it every day. by Emma Brown


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