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Matthew's Fulfillment in Life Comes through Mary and Jesus

This summer has been a time full of trials and surprises. Since my re-commitment to getting to know Jesus at the end of the winter semester, I have really tried to spend more time with Him in prayer. Through my failures He has shown me that real strength comes from Him, not from my own stubborn will. He has also shown me that I need to commit my life to Mary as well because she is my Mother and the guardian of my purity. But the most significant lesson I learned this summer is that discernment for my vocation is so much more important than I thought. I need to give my whole self, especially my heart, to Jesus because He is the one who will show me the right path for my life in all my confusion. Since my decisions will affect who I will be for the rest of my life, if I put my own plans above God's... I can't become the man He has made me to be. I'm convinced that getting to know Jesus and Mary in the coming months will teach me not only about them, but about myself too. By Matthew Lesniak

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