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Matt's Change of Heart, Changed His Life

By Matt Sardinha When I was asked to write about what God has done for me during the summer months, I honestly had no idea what I was going to write. My life has not changed that much, I have not had questions about the veracity of the faith, and while I am exploring various vocations, there is not much to write about. To try to understand what God has done for me this summer, I looked at the ways I feel closest to God to help me understand. I have often been a person who finds God in three ways; through prayer, theology, and evangelization. The latter became more noticeable to me when I read Chapter 17 of the Book of Acts. Saint Paul was evangelizing at the Areopagus and many of the people who heard him chose to ignore him, but some chose to follow Saint Paul and became believers. Evangelization has become an integral part of my life in the past year. Not just in enriching the Catholic faith in others, but hearing the message of the Gospel is what has changed my life as an adult. Of all of the various goals I set out for myself when I started university almost three years ago, becoming involved in the new evangelization was something that never even entered my mind. My Catholicism was just mere belief and was not rooted in faith or a personal relationship with Christ. God always seemed like a classmate to me, someone I acknowledge but never talk to or become friends with. This all changed when I was invited to the Summit, which is a night of adoration hosted by Catholic Christian Outreach. While I initially chose not to attend, I changed my mind. Although I was initially reluctant, I agreed to sign up for CCO’s faith study known as Discovery, which began my journey to put Christ at the centre of my life. Why is my personal conversion relevant to what God has done for me during the summer months? It is because in April of this year, I was approached about leading Discovery for the first time during the summer. I eagerly accepted the idea of becoming a Discovery leader and am about to begin leading a faith study for the first time within a week or two. When I was first given my leader’s guide for Discovery, I had a realization; in less than two years, I have gone from being so spiritually lost to leading the same faith study that was instrumental in leading me to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This has made me realize that the new evangelization is a domino effect for society. To illustrate the notion of the new evangelization being a domino effect for society, when the first domino falls, it causes the second to fall as well, which causes the third to fall and this cycle continues. This sequential series of events is how I have come to view how we evangelize to the world. However, instead of falling down, we spiritually rise up. I often think to myself about the idea of a person becoming a Discovery leader for the first time and seeing the participants in the study go on to become Discovery leaders and seeing their participants doing the same thing. I feel blessed to have become a Discovery leader and to continue the work started by Christ's twelve apostles almost two thousand years ago. I look forward to what God has planned for me in the future


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