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Things Started Falling Into Place When Darren Started Trusting God

This summer has been all about change for me - graduating from university, moving to a new city, starting a new job, and just finding myself in a whole new environment. This was the perfect opportunity for a fresh start to my faith life. The last few months of university were certainly the most challenging months of my life. I found myself scrambling around for time to devote to my faith life and I felt trapped in a negative drama-filled environment that was just killing my faith. I was hurting deeply on the inside. It was at this moment when I was caught up neck-deep that I realized there was absolutely nothing else I could do other than to fully surrender my life to God. I decided to take full responsibility for my problems and actions, and acknowledged that I couldn’t rely on my own strength to make it and that I needed to let God intervene and trust in His plans. This is where my first-time experience leading the CCO Discovery faith study played a massive role. I'd be surprised if I haven't learned more from leading the study than by just taking it. I remember learning how to explain to others that we need to approach God with a child-like trust. To a child, their parents are just the coolest people ever, and only what their parents think of them matters to them and nothing else. I decided to give it a shot myself. After all, I had nothing to lose as I was at rock bottom and I could either accept this lifeline and trust in God, or keep drowning deeper into the mess I was in. Doing this, along with repenting for my past actions, lightened my heart and opened me up to learning about my faith with the excitement of a new believer. Feeling like my eyes had been opened, I began noticing sequences where one event would lead to another and another, and even if I didn’t get everything that I asked for, things just seemed to work out in the end and I had everything I needed. This kind of stuff still happens every day and strengthens my trust in God's guidance and plan for me. As for what exactly happened with my problems since then - I cruised through the rest of the university term and was barely stressed out about the possible outcome, and I somehow ended up doing rather well in my courses. My decision to move to Toronto was not based on an opinion but rather through what I believe was God's guidance. It started with a friend suggesting me to move. Shortly (and unexpectedly) I got laid off from my part time job of two years, without a replacement job in sight and my bank account running dry. Three weeks later I was talking to a complete stranger on the bus whom I felt a random inclination to start a conversation with, and I was offered an opportunity for a full time job in Toronto by another stranger who overheard my conversation. A few days later I found an incredibly affordable and convenient room for rent in a similar way. And things have just been going great like that. It has taken a massive load off my chest since I surrendered my life to God and accepted Jesus as my Saviour. It’s amazing just to know that everything is going to be fine even if you have an impulsive, faith-based approach to life and no matter what the circumstances because there is Someone watching over me. I know that I am where I am for a reason, and I’m very excited to take my faith and the experience I have from CCO out to the awesomely huge masses of people I can connect with here and wherever else I may go! By Darren Mathias


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