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Studies in Ghana Strengthen Dennis' Faith

This summer has been absolutely incredible for my relationship with God. In my community, I have been given the opportunity to take on more of a leadership role, which has led me to develop a different aspect of my faith. What I have realized in my new role is that while leading, you not only experience God working through you - which is an amazing feeling in itself - but you also witness God working through others. Witnessing this has not only reminded me of my adoration for these people, but it has also reminded me of how easy it is to play the hero in your own world. It is so simple to become wrapped up in your own life, forgetting about God’s constant role in all that you do, and forgetting about God’s infinite love for you. Seeing Jesus act in other people has reminded me that nothing is as glorious as when it is done in His name by His will. It is also the first time that God has trusted my faith in Him enough to let me leave behind all of my spiritual support, and still return praising His name. I was given the incredible opportunity to take an African Studies course in Ghana for a month this year. Not only was this the first time that I was ever going to leave Canada, but also the first time I wasn’t going to be constantly surrounded by my phenomenal Catholic community. When you are blessed with a community that is as amazing as the one that CCO has created in my life, it’s much easier to remain faithful than when you are alone in your faith. God knew that this would be a struggle for me, but God also knew that for the first time in my life He wouldn’t lose me by presenting me with this obstacle. My trip to Ghana was a life-changing trip that I will never regret as long as I live, and it showed me just how blessed I am here to have the friends and family that I do, as well as revealing to me new areas of my faith that need to grow. This summer hasn’t been the easiest on my faith, but it has caused my faith to grow to be the strongest that it has ever been, and it hasn’t even been two months yet! God’s work is never done, His plan never comes to a halt, the world keeps spinning and He keeps working. I’d like to think that I provide Him with a source of amusement through my ridiculousness (like how seriously I take myself at times), and that I, like any son dreams, make my Father proud as I seek out a more Christ-like life, praising His name with every step that I take. By Dennis Barry

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