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Accepting the Call to Serve

Serving on the 2012-2013 Core Team as President has been one of the most fruitful and amazing experiences of my university career and it’s crazy to think about how I almost ended up not being a part of it. I have always been really involved and last school year I bordered on being too involved. After not getting into the college I had always assumed I would go into after my second year- I truly had to look at my life, and discern where God was leading me because I really had no idea anymore. I knew I couldn’t just volunteer and be a part of clubs while slacking off in my classes like I had been. After a lot of thought, I decided I was either going to transfer to a local college to take classes in early childhood education or go back to university for one more, final year to finish my arts degree. As summer went on I really didn’t know which option to choose. The one thing I did know though was that with either option I most likely wouldn’t be able to be on core team, with the former option I wouldn’t be on campus and with the latter I would be too busy taking a heavy course load. However, I never felt like I could say for sure I wouldn’t be on core team- that was another thing I couldn’t make a decision about and all I could do was offer it up to God. So I continued to go back and forth about what to do in regards to school for weeks and wondered why God wasn’t showing me which option he wanted me to pursue. Then at a camp I was a counsellor at, only a few weeks before September, God very clearly told me what I needed to do and it turned out that it wasn’t either of my options. I suddenly became convicted that I needed to go back to university and not worry about getting my arts degree in a year but instead use the year to find that balance between classes and activities and to really learn what my passions were. I needed to really be present in the classes I took and also learn to manage my extra-curricular activities so I could truly invest in the ones I was involved with. He also made it clear that core team was one of the activities I should be involved with. I thought this plan was a little bogus at the time- going to university for another year without coming out with a degree seemed pointless to me but I knew that it was what I was supposed to do and so I did it. I soon realized that this plan wasn’t bogus at all; it was indeed exactly what I needed to do. I have grown so much as a person as I've realized what my passions and talents truly are. Because I listened to God’s call for me, my past year has been incredibly blessed and one of the biggest blessings has been the opportunity to serve on core team. Through serving on the core team I have grown as a leader, have established amazing relationships with students on campus and have grown immensely in my missionary identity. I’ve realized how much I truly love reaching out to students on campus and sharing the Gospel. Being on core team was one incredible blessing of many during an incredibly blessed year. I am ever thankful that I followed God’s will and trusted in His plan for me and choose to accept the call to serve on the core team.

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