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Would You Cross the Whole Country?

Being called to be missionary also comes with a great call to abandonment tothe Lord; abandonment to His will, to His call, to wherever He wants me to go. I will go anywhere you want me to go, do anything you want me to do, say anything you want me to say… from our Apostle’s prayer. When Timothy & I were asked to move back to Ottawa it was a real surprise to us but God has given us a great amount of grace to follow His plan and see that He really does have the best in mind. It is obviously difficult to leave somewhere you have invested in for 2 years of your life however we surrender to His call and His plan and He provides us with the grace! “Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him and he will act” Psalm 37:5 ~ Janine “To give up completely your plans for the sake of another’s.This is not so hard when the plans you are surrendering to are Gods plans, who has promised to give us a future full of Hope! Through prayer, I realized God wanted me to draw close to His heart so that I could experience his intimacy and and know Him deeply. The transition from Ottawa to Vancouver has been just that, an experience of Love, in how God has been providing every step of the way. Its kind of like I’m on a road trip with my Dad. He wants to show me so many beautiful things, and greater things are yet to come. ” ~ Jazz


… for the sake of the Gospel? Jasmine Bean and Janine Killoran have been asked to do just that: and they’re moving to each other’s former cities! Two (or three…or four, depending on how you count Janine’s husband Tim and their soon-to-be-born baby bump!) of CCO’s finest will chronicle their journey and discernment on this page in the coming weeks…beginning with this video and continuing as a photo book. Check back next week for the next chapter as Jazz comes to Vancouver and Janine heads to Ottawa! 25th Would you cross the whole country?!

This journey took place in the summer of 2012.

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